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"The art of communication is the language of leadership" - J.C.Humes

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We provide communication services with concrete and measurable results for our clients.

A boutique agency with a fully-integrated approach to communication, public relations, public affairs, media relations, social media, crisis management, research and strategy in order to build efficient and effective campaigns.

With extensive experience in all matters of communication, we enjoy a strong understanding of how traditional and new media work. We leverage all modern communication instruments and provide our clients with results-oriented services.

The stormy world surrounding us opens new paths and creates new audiences. The desideratum is adaptability.

In a constantly evolving world, our mission is to drive growth, build a winning reputation for our clients and protect them against risk. We open the doors for our clients to Greece’s business, economic and public arena.
We generate ideas for the implementation of every communication strategy. We collaborate with a network of high-skilled experts in Greece and abroad.

Strategic Planning

Before developing a strategy plan we develop an overview of the current circumstances. Researching political, economic, and social trends is the first step for designing a campaign aiming at convincing the audience. Analysing trends and tracking ups and downs guides us as we develop the strategy, targeting, and message.

Message Development

People are continuously flooded with commercial and political messages. The mass media provides information about the cost of living, everyday life difficulties, political and economic scandals – most of the issues are negative and disturbing. In each of our campaigns we develop simple and easy-to-present messages. Messages that speak to the hearts and minds of people. Messages with an honest, positive, and essential content. Messages that have something new and compelling to say.

Agenda Setting

The mass media has the power to set the agenda for public debate and to lead public interest to specific issues. People collect information by the mass media, but are also influenced on how much attention they give to each issue. We insist on creating campaigns with a simple goal: to promote the message. The message is always supported by an agenda of issues. Our goal is to make this agenda the talk of the town.

Media relations

Publicity is a powerful tool. Increasing visibility to the media requires effective storytelling, but also strong media relations. We know the media industry inside and out. We understand what editors need and how to make stories interesting enough to become articles or features. We hold long-term contacts at influential publications and pitch stories to the media.

Public Affairs

We provide public affairs services to foreign investors and corporations planning to operate in Greece. We assist our clients with every aspect of their public affairs agenda such as stakeholder mapping, engaging key-decision makers, and identifying influencers.

Social Media Marketing

The Internet creates a new environment for our lives with mass communication being so democratic for the first time. The Internet has developed its own means of communication, offering velocity, easiness, wide coverage and interactivity – at relatively low cost. Websites, blogs, social networks, and viral campaigns are the new terms and the new tools for communication today. Tools that we use along with the traditional ones.


Strategic Planning

A systematic process of envisioning a desired future, and translating this vision into broadly defined goals or objectives and a sequence of steps to achieve them.

(Source: Business Dictionary)

The power of social media is it forces necessary change

“Erik Qualman”​

Crisis management

Organizations and corporations often come up against unexpected events or new environmental circumstances threatening to dissolve their soundness, operations and good relationship with clients, vendors and the public in general. We develop strategic plans adjusted to the particularities of the circumstances in order to limit damage and help the organization or corporation recover the soonest possible and turn crisis into an opportunity.

Executive media training

Is it more correct to talk about bad journalists or maybe executives with a bad track record in interviews? An interview passing on the wrong messages can greatly harman organization or a corporation. Giving an interview requires training. We train executives to control messaging,sidestep trap questions and bulletproof their public image when exposed to the media. We offer real-time workshops and tips to those who wish to polish their public image.

Event management​

Utilizing years of experience, we work with our clients to understand their ethos & the message they wish to communicate, then provide an unexpected, creative & unique event solution. With close collaboration and personalized attention, we create monumental and memorable events.

The power of together

Angela Karageorgou

Founder and CEO/ Communication Strategist

Caterina Ciacatani

Social Media Strategist

Vivianne Meimaroglou

Executive Personal Assistant

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